Australasian Software Engineering Conference Coming to Adelaide

After several months of deliberations and discussions, I’m glad to announce that finally Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) will be coming to Adelaide in late September this year; the exact dates are September 28 to October 1 2015. ASWEC will be coming to Adelaide after almost 18 years and we are really looking forward to hosting. A ASWEC2015 flyer can be downed and distributed. We have secured excellent keynote speakers and a series of invited speakers from industry and academia. We plan on building a non-conventioal and interesting program, which will not be heavily dependant upon scientific research findings; rather we are going to hugely engage industry and government agencies, particular local, educators at high schools and tertiary educational institutes, and several special interests groups.

We have started working on putting the program together that would not only interest to the regular ASWEC delegates from academic background and industry but will attract a broad set of participants. We also plan n organising different panels discussions focused on the role and importance of Software Engineering for job creation and what educational institutes and do that their Software Engineering graduates can become catalyst in job creation not only for Software Engineers but also for industries that depends upon Software Engineering. We plan to draw on support and sponsorship different private and public agencies . More details can be found ASWEC 2015 website, which is kept updated.