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Australian Software Factory

Australian Software Factory Attendees Share their Experiences

Last Australian summer (December – February 2015), we launched the Australian Software Factory (ASF) with a small number of dedicated students who participated in the ASF for earning work experience towards their degree program. All of them were enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering in Software, BE (Software) degree program at the University of Adelaide, Australia. The students successfully completed their internship in the ASF while working on 3 very interesting projects with one project was having clients based in Ireland. The ASF was mainly supervised by my colleagues, Dr. Padraig O’leary, who played a pivotal role in making the implementation of ASF a reality by volunteering to provide projects for the first offerings of the ASF and supervise over the summer break. We were glad that the ASF was able to provide the participants with the value they were expecting in terms of hands on training and knowledge about working on real projects using state-of-the-art software development methods and technologies. Now we are assessing the viability of running the ASF again. Our students participants are the most important source of feedback and input about the value of the ASF and feedback for improvements. We are glad and satisfied with the feedback we have received. I would like to share some of the comments from a few students through these pages to encourage other institutes to take similar initiatives. Read More »Australian Software Factory Attendees Share their Experiences

Australian Software Factory Becomes Operational

With great pleasure and sense of satisfaction, I like to share the news that the Australian Software Factory (ASF) became operational in the School of Computer Science, the University of Adelaide from December 2015. The idea was conceived with the vision of enabling talented software development students to gain the knowledge and experience of applying industrial strengthen software development methods, processes, and tools on real life software development projects for enhancing their productivity and employability. We selected seven highly energetic and committed students to join the Australian Software Factory this year – six students are participating in the ASF for fulfilling the requirements of their Bachelor of Software Engineering degree work experience and one of them is a summer internship student. Unfortunately, we had to decline a few very good International students because of some procedural and legal ambiguities, however, we are trying to get the ambiguous points clarified. A brief description of the goals, and logistics of the ASF has been provided below:Read More »Australian Software Factory Becomes Operational