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Internet of Everything

Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Tools as a Service Workspace Completed

A few years ago we started an exciting and challenging project to design and implement a reference architecture for providing Tools as a Service (TaaS). That project was aimed at developing and evaluating an infrastructure that can host and provision tools for supporting engineering efforts in general and software engineering in particular. There is no doubt that the project turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated but I’m glad that one phase of that project has been successfully completed through Aufeef Chuahan’s PhD project. It is a great pleasure to state that Aufeef has successfully completed and submitted his PhD thesis for assessment – its a big achievement for him. We will be making the reference architecture and its implementation public very soon.Read More »Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Tools as a Service Workspace Completed

New Course on Cloud Computing

I have another exciting news with regards to our ongoing activities in the area of Cloud computing research and education. The exciting news is that we will be offering a brand new course on Cloud computing from Spring 2011 at the IT University of Copenhagen. I just heard that the course proposal has received green signal from all the relevant stakeholders. I am quite excited to know the outcome of my proposal as I had put a significant amount of effort in designing this course; Moreover, I am also convinced that this course will serve professional development and educational needs of students with a diverse set of backgrounds as their employers have already been using some form of Cloud computing or planning to do so. Hence, this course will provide the practitioners and students with an excellent opportunity to learn about this new paradigm of computing.

For the interested readers, I am providing a brief synopsis of the course below. If you are interested in knowing more about the course details, I’ll be glad to answer your inquiries. Read More »New Course on Cloud Computing