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Service Oriented Computing

Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Tools as a Service Workspace Completed

A few years ago we started an exciting and challenging project to design and implement a reference architecture for providing Tools as a Service (TaaS). That project was aimed at developing and evaluating an infrastructure that can host and provision tools for supporting engineering efforts in general and software engineering in particular. There is no doubt that the project turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated but I’m glad that one phase of that project has been successfully completed through Aufeef Chuahan’s PhD project. It is a great pleasure to state that Aufeef has successfully completed and submitted his PhD thesis for assessment – its a big achievement for him. We will be making the reference architecture and its implementation public very soon.Read More »Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Tools as a Service Workspace Completed

Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Workspace of Tools

A few years ago, we started working on designing a cloud-based infrastructure for providing Engineering tools as services, an approach we called Tools as a Service (TaaS). We have made significant progress towards materialising the concept of developing an infrastructure for providing vendor and technology neutral platform for providing Tools as Services. Since such an infrastructure can’t be too generic as each stage of the software development lifecycle has its own set of tools with different features, workflows, and data structures, there was a need for having a reference architecture that can fulfil the functional and non-functional requirements of an infrastructure that can host and provision tools as services. Now we have developed a reference architecture for workspace that can provide tools as a service, a recent paper on this work can be downloaded. This reference architecture provides the key specifications and architectural guidelines Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design principles.Read More »Reference Architecture for Cloud-Based Workspace of Tools

PESOS Program Finalised

We are glad to announce that the 7th edition of the workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented and Cloud Systems (PESOS 2015) will be collocated with the 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2015), Florence, Italy.

The theme of PESOS is: Principles and Practices for Engineering Collaborative Services in the Cloud.

This will be the 7th edition of PESOS that has become a regular feature at ICSE as a collocated workshop that brings together software engineering researchers and practitioners working in the areas of service-oriented systems to discuss research challenges, new developments and applications, as well as methods, techniques, experiences, and tools to support engineering, evolution and adaptation of service-oriented systems. The technical program for PESOS 2015 has been finalised and here are the titles, authors and briefs about the accepted papers.Read More »PESOS Program Finalised