This post is about a very interesting and interactive day organized to mark the one year celebration of GIRI, that is why called GIRI day :-). Along with other colleagues, I also gave a talk about our research and activities that fall within the scope of GIRI, which is also funding one of my PhD students. Anyway, before anything else about my talk or the day, everyone not aware of GIRI is likely to ask what is GIRI. Here I try to provide a brief about GIRI that stands for Global Interaction Research Initiative (GIRI). It is an important part of the University of Copenhagen’s globalization strategy that aim to prepare students, faculty, and society to tackle globally interactive processes. So far the main research themes of GIRU are concerned, it collate a set of related research challenges, visions, approaches, and methods, which in concert points toward addressing Global Interaction.
So the June 4, 2011 was a big day for GIRI community as this initiative has thrived in its short history. The whole day was full of interesting presentations and lively talks around the My slides are here and I’ll wait for your comments/thoughts on any aspect of my talk.