NordiCloud: Nordic Symposium on Cloud Computing & Internet Technologies!


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Given the increasing interest in exploring the opportunities that Cloud computing and “everything as a service” (software/platform/infrastructure/data as a service on the cloud) can offer to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT infrastructure in public as well as private sector, several initiatives are being taken to support R&D and commercial efforts in Nordic countries. At the sametime, there is an increased realization of the importance of providing different forums and platforms for exchange of knowledge, experiences, and skills in this region. Such platforms are necessary to facilitate debates and discussions on the opportunities and challenges related to Cloud Computing technologies, and disseminate knowledge to support decision making in the public and private sectors in this part of the World.

I am extremely glad to share the news that we will be organizing a Symposium on Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies. This symposium purports to bring researchers and practitioners from the private and public sectors of the Nordic and Baltic countries in particular and from all over the World in general to share knowledge and experiences of experimenting and adopting Cloud based Technologies.

NordiCloud will be collocated with WICSA/ECSA 2012, the premier software architecture conference, on 21-22 August, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. This symposium will seek three main kinds of contributions:

  • Research and experience based articles for peer-reviewed track
  • Industrial presentations based on the success and failure stories
  • Reports and demonstration from national and International projects related to Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies.

Moreover, this symposium will also provide the participants with ample opportunities for networking and building consortiums for joint research and development projects at the national and EU level. Further details about the symposium will be available through the NordiCloud website.