Security and Privacy Challenges of Interconnected Systems



People and organisations are becoming heavily reliant on hyper-connected, hyper-virtulised, and hyper-mobile systems. Such systems are also called blended systems, where  millions (or even billions) or devices, software, people, and physical objectives (so-called everything) are connected with each other through private or public (Internet) – so-called Internet of Everything. Security and privacy are the key concerns in such systems, which are considered prime target for cyber attacks. Researchers and practitioners are allocated enormous amounts of resources to understanding the security and privacy challenges of such systems and devising and evaluating appropriate solutions. We are privileged to have Professor Awais Rashid, director Security Lancaster UK, to share his observations and insights on the topic of security and privacy challenges in blended systems when delivers a keynote at the Australasian Software Engineering Conference in a few days. The title and abstract of Professor Rashid’s keynote are: 

Security and Privacy Challenges in Blended Systems.

Future software systems and services will see hitherto unprecedented connectivity. Innovations such as smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), body-area networks, smart grids and wearable sensors will lead to software becoming socially embedded in the everyday lives of individuals, communities and organisations. Future enviroments will, therefore, be hyper-connected, highly open and regularly collect, process or disseminate massive amounts of data. The scale of connectivity and openness of future software systems and services would mean that system edges will not just bleed into each other but blend together in ways that can neither be established nor anticipated a-priori. In this talk, I will discuss the security and privacy challenges arising from such blended settings, their implications for future software systems and how software engineering research and practice can effectively respond to such challenges.