Smart Campus: Gamification of Disposing Waste Sustainably

One of the key area of our Smart Cities initiative is Smart Campus. When we presented the vision of Smart City R&DI centre for providing national and international leadership in Smart Cities knowledge and solutions, we envision a journey going from smart campus, smart city, smart state, to smart nation. We advocated the path of building living labs of smart cities solutions for experimentation. One of our projects on building solutions for Smart Campus is aimed at raising awareness about disposing off waste sustainably by leveraging Gamification. We have been developing a set of games (see poster) in close collaboration with the Green project initiative at the University of Adelaide . We the game project team (Ali, Min, Dicky, Joe) are extremely delighted that the trial of our Game went very well. There were more than 300 students who trial the game and learn about the waste management system introduced at the Hub Central at the University of Adelaide.

The game is called Super Sort that is expected to help raise awareness about the sustainable waste management system introduced by the Ecoversity team at the University of Adelaide. After the initial trial of the Web based game, we have started our journey of migrating the game to Android and iOS platforms. We are reaching close to a stage of releasing the Android version through Google play, after which the game will be migrated to iOS platform for distribution through Apple Store. We are looking for more partners to enhance and use the game in different contexts with different categories of audiences ranging from school kids to corporate workers – Gamification for sustainability.