Smart Campus: Sustainable Waste Recycling Apps

As part of our Smart Cities initiative, we have been collaborating with the Ecoversity initiative of the University of Adelaide. Though this collaboration, we are about to complete a very interesting pilot project aimed at educating students and staff about the sustainable waste recycling on campus. The project has developed a mobile Apps that provide player (i.e., student of staff) with the information about the appropriate use of different waste bins placed at different places in the University. The Apps also educate the users about different aspects of sustainable waste management and is expected to advance users’  knowledge and bring about change in the users’ attitude towards waste and sustainable waste management. The first phase of the project is more focused on education, however, the subsequent phases of the project will embark on more ambitious goals including the use of Internet of Things (IoTs) technologies for helping users to select appropriate bins for different types of waste. The brief about the project is below and we welcome questions that may lead to research collaboration for in the area of smart cities and carbon neutrality. We are following up both threat with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. This interdisciplinary  project is part of the summer scholarship for Yue Zhou provided by Data61. The abstract of the project is and we will be happy to provide an interested reader with all the details that may be relevant to different people. 

The project is developing a waste education mobile apps that is expected to promote sustainable waste recycling practices among students and staff. The first phase of the Apps release will focus on raising awareness about the waste recycling in the hub central, University of Adelaide. The Apps will act as a source of gaining information about the sustainable waste recycling systems introduced by the ecoversity initiative in the University. The Apps purports to not only help students to increase their sense of environmental protection, but also encourage them to learn the fine-grained goals and logistics of the sustainable waste recycling systems. The Apps has a game engine embedded into the Apps to make the users interested and have fun while learning about the sustainable waste management practices and procedures. That means this Apps exploits the Gamification paradigm for educational purposes. These games in the Apps can  generate a bridge between the game designer and the students. Each game will test the knowledge of a particular domain in the waste recycling. The game designer also could change the scenario and the content of each game to achieve a more efficient education result.