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Global Software Engineering (GSE)

Global Software Engineering paradigm will have prominence on this blog.

NxGT for GSD

Organizations are increasingly adopting geographically distributed development models, which are commonly known as Global Software Development or Global Software Engineering (GSE). There are many forms of GSD such as outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring, software ecosystems, distributed development centres, and strategic alliances and partnerships for developing software at different places. GSD is not any more a phenomenon rather an increasing trend. Hence, there should not be any debate whether or not software development enterprizes (in-house and software houses) will develop software through global distributed development centres and teams; rather the question is to what extent. While GSD promises many advantages and benefits, however, GSD projects are also more likely to be unsuccessful, because geographical, temporal, cultural, organizational, and stakeholder distances can have negative impact on communication, coordination, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Software researchers and practitioners have developed several tools and devised numerous processes and practices to support geographically distributed software development. However, the increasing scale and complexities of GSD projects are making them inappropriate and insufficient. Hence, there is a vital need of new tools and processes, which we call next generation technological infrastructure for supporting GSD. In order to meet this need, we are defining a large scale multi-disciplinary project involving several academic researchers and industrial partners. Read More »NxGT for GSD


This post is about a very interesting and interactive day organized to mark the one year celebration of GIRI, that is why called GIRI day :-). Along with other colleagues, I also gave a talk… Read More »GIRI Day