Cloud Computing Demystified

Like everywhere else in the World, Cloud computing is also gaining a lot of attention from IT researchers and practitioners in Denmark. I noticed this trend since my arrival in Copenhagen towards the end of 2009. Danish public and private sectors appear to be highly interested in gaining more understanding of the pros and cons of adopting and exploiting the Cloud computing paradigm. While a large majority of practitioners seem to be thrilled by the promise of Cloud computing based technological advances of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), several concerns are being raised including fundamental issues like security, privacy, and trust which characterize Internet based computing.

I thought that one way of helping practitioners to gain a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in adopting and using Cloud Computing would be to provide them with a platforms to discuss and tease out some of their key concerns. I floated the idea to a few colleagues (Jakob Illeborg Pagter of Alexandra Institute, Anders Pall Skött of CFIR, Camilla Grynnerup Fisker of National IT & Telecom Agency) who are very active in raising awareness about technological innovation among their industrial partners and Cloud computing is also on their radars. All of them liked the idea and agreed to explore the possibilities of supporting such an initiative financially and logistically. I have been thinking that there wouldn’t be a better time to initiate such a platform than during ECSA 2010 week, which is set to draw one of the largest gatherings of software architecture community. ECSA 2010 will be a four day event and organizing one day seminar on the last day of ECSA 2010 will be a great way of closing a wonderful week full of thought provoking talks and lively discussions. I am working on it and hopefully there will be a decision about it soon.