Perspectives and Reflections on NordiCloud 2012




Its really great that the second gathering of the NordiCloud symposium will be held in Oslo Norway at the beginning of September (2-3 September, 2013). This platform for knowledge generating and sharing was founded last year with the  key aim of promoting and supporting Cloud computing and Internet Technologies research and practice in Nordic and Baltic regions. It is meant to provide a bridge between researchers and practitioners from Nordic/Baltic countries and Cloud computing communities in other parts of the World. On this special occasion I have written an invited paper that describes the perspectives and reflections on different aspects of cloud computing and internet technologies in Nordic/Baltic regions. The paper not only shared with was presented and discussed in the first gathering of this symposium but also highlights the points that research community needs to pay attention to improve the adoption and successful operations of cloud computing in organization of all sizes and purposes. This paper summarizes the key points from the symposium based on the presented talks and discussions. It highlights some of the areas that the participants considered worth pursuing in order to help organizations to not only exploit the opportunities that cloud computing offers but also to deal with the challenges when adopting cloud computing. This report points out some of the key challenges and potential solutions that are likely to interest researcher and practitioners in Nordic/Baltic regions and beyond. I really hope that this paper can provide researchers and practitioners useful and insightful information on different aspects of strategies for widespread adoption and operations of clod computing and Internet Technologies for sustainable societies in general and in Nordic/Baltic regions in particular. I expect that the research areas and open issues captured in this paper based on the presentations and discussions in the symposium will serve as a roadmap for research on cloud computing that can be relevant to Nordic/Baltic regions.