A New Course on Requirements Engineering

We are going to complete the implementation of our redeveloped Bachelor of Engineering (Software) degree program in 2017. As part of the full implementation of the redeveloped degree, we will be adding two new courses to the program: Software Engineering Workshop I and Software Engineering Workshop II. The Software Engineering Workshop  I aims at providing the students with the understanding, knowledge, and skills in different approaches, methods, processes, and tools for supporting the requirements engineering activities. I have designed and developed this course that would be offered in a workshop style format. We have even tried to change the terminology for the course mode and the face to face sessions are called: Seminar Sessions and Workshop Sessions. For the interested students and educators, here is the course outline.

I’m very excited to deliver this course with my colleague Dr Christoph Treude from the first semester 2017. We have also decided to use Slack as the communication and interaction tools for this course. We are quite confident that the students are going to like the course as well as the use of online tools we are going to use for this course – apart from Slack, we will be using Canvas, a newly adopted online learning and teaching platform at the University of Adelaide.  If you are interested in getting the class exercises and course project details, please feel free to contact me.