Article on Smart Cities: Best of 2016 Australian Quarterly

I’m very glad to share that Australian Quarterly has included my article on Smart Cities in the special edition of the best articles published in 2016. Apart from an endorsement of the  potential value of the article on an important topic like Smart Cities, the best part of this news is that the special edition is completely free for distribution that is why I have attached it here for download . This article provides a vision and strategies for conceiving and implementing projects that can contribute to building and evolving Smart Cities, which is an umbrella term used for socio-technical innovation for improving the liveability of cities, regions, and suburbs. In this article, I have particularly emphasise the importance of building and sustaining strong collaborative ties among governments, councils, private sectors, and universities for co-conceiving and materialising Smart Cities initiatives and projects. I have particularly highlighted the role and importance of Smart Campus as an experimental testbed for supporting the collaborations for Smart Cities projects.

The presented agenda of Smart Campus can create a win-win outcome for all the involved stakeholders and I’m glad to say that several Universities across the globe are working on Smart Campus/Digital Campus roadmaps and concrete projects. I expect that this article will provide them with some useful input in their initiatives. I would like to close this post with a note of thanks for several colleagues and collaborators inside and outside my institute for sharing thoughts, observations, and interactions on different aspects of Smart Cities initiatives and projects as my article greatly benefited from all the discussions I have had with so many people over the last year or so.