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Australasian Software Engineering Conference Coming to Adelaide

After several months of deliberations and discussions, I’m glad to announce that finally Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) will be coming to Adelaide in late September this year; the exact dates are September 28 to October 1 2015. ASWEC will be coming to Adelaide after almost 18 years and we are really looking forward to hosting. A ASWEC2015 flyer┬ácan be downed and distributed. We have secured excellent keynote speakers and a series of invited speakers from industry and academia. We plan on building a non-conventioal and interesting program, which will not be heavily dependant upon scientific research findings; rather we are going to hugely engage industry and government agencies, particular local, educators at high schools and tertiary educational institutes, and several special interests groups.Read More »Australasian Software Engineering Conference Coming to Adelaide

Empirical research in software architecture

Empirical research is quite difficult undertaking; doing empirical research becomes even more difficult when the studied objects are likely to be described at a higher level of abstract like software architecture. That is an obvious reasons that we don’t see much empirical research, even not very rigorous one, carried out to assess the effectiveness and efficiencies of the methods, techniques, and tools developed to support the software architecture process over the last 20 years. However, there is an increasing realization that anecdotal claims are not sufficient for making claims about the goodness of our research outputs; rather, we need to provide systematically gathered evidence rather than anecdotes or rhetoric to promote the use of a particular method or tool that purports to support any of the software engineering activity. Patricia, Arie, I decided to put together a special issue the topic of empirical research in software architecture: opportunities, challenges, and approaches. We approaches the empirical software engineering journal for this special issue. It is great feeling of satisfaction and pleasure that we have finalized the special issue with four high quality papers. There were several people involved in this process that lasted more than two years and we are greatly thankful to all of them. The articles included in the special issue are:Read More »Empirical research in software architecture

Walt Scacchi will be relating OSS development and GSE

Walt Scacchi from UCL Irvine will be one of the keynote speakers at the 6th International Software Engineering Conference. We were very glad to receive his positive response to our invitation for giving a keynote at the premier event of the global software engineering community. Now we are quite excited about what he is going to talk about the relationship between open source software development and global software engineering. This is going to be very interesting talk for anyone interested in global software engineering as Walt is world renowned researchers on OSS development paradigm and it would be quite insightful to listen to his views about how OSS and GSE are related and what both software development paradigms can offer to each others in terms of challenges, solutions, and lesson learned. The title of his talk is:

Free/Open Source Software Development as an Approach to Global Software Engineering

The abstract of his talk is: Read More »Walt Scacchi will be relating OSS development and GSE