Cloud Computing Demystified Day



There wouldn’t have been a better way to end the ECSA2010 week than having a wonderful gathering of Danish industry with five international speakers discussing the potential opportunities, challenges, and proposed solutions for exploiting Cloud Computing paradigm. The Cloud Computing Demystified day was organized on August 27, 2010 at IT University of Copenhagen with around 60 delegates spending a whole day listening to the keynote speakers, panelists, and fellow delegates (CCDWlcomeSlides).
The main objective of the CCD, what we called it, was to provide a platform to Danish practitioners to meet national and international experts on the Cloud computing to discuss the challenges that Danish companies can anticipate or face when developing, deploying, or using Cloud-aware software services and infrastructures and what can be potential solutions to those challenges. Having seen the proceedings of the day and spoken to various delegates, I am sure that the set objectives have been achieved.
I’ve also started receiving emails from several attendees who want to have the slides from the invited speakers. I am working on it and the slides will be available soon from the Cloud Computing Demystified website, which we intend to make a portal of material and information about Cloud Computing and its related infrastructure, platforms, and software applications.
There were several people who deserved to be thanked for working hard to make this day a successful event. ITU CHP management again was very supportive and generous in hosting the event. Provost of ITU Jørgen Staunstrup not only supported the event in several ways but also kindly open the day. My colleagues from ITU’s research department, especially Pia, Rene, Nhi, and volunteer students, Paolo, Aufeef, Ankit deserve a bit thanks for their contributions; so are the facility management staff at ITU. More details about the CCD and our plans about this initiatives can be found by visiting Cloud Computing Demystified site.