Ecoversity Funds Smart Waste Management Project

We have been awarded a small amount of funding to carry out a project aimed at developing and evaluating a game based application for raising the awareness about the waste management system introduced by Ecoversity initiative at the University of Adelaide. This project will be built upon the summer project on a similiar topic, Waste Management Education, carried out by Yue Zhuo, who was awarded a summer scholarship by Data61 (formally NICTA). This project will contribute to Ecoversity’s goal of improving the on campus waste management for sustainability and financial benefits. We are very excited to work on this project as it would enhance our collaboration with Ecoversity team as we share several common goals. This project will also contribute to our Smart Campus research agenda under our Smart Cities initiative. This project aims at enhancing an existing proof-of-concept for sustainable waste management education for building an integrated platform and associated application for supporting sustainable waste management education through gamification at the University of Adelaide. The envisioned platform will enable the Ecoversity team to customise and deploy awareness and educational material about their initiatives and practices as small games and quizzes for which the users will be entitled to different rewards as well as public recognition via social media. The project will specifically focus on the interactivity and user friendliness of the games and applications to be designed and deployed for raising awareness and understanding about sustainable waste management system on campus. The project team will develop an advanced industrial strength prototype that will be evaluated in collaboration with Ecoversity and Marketing teams for gathering feedback on the potential viability and value of full scale deployment and usages by students and staff after downloading application from App Store and Google Paly.