Inaugural Congress on Smart Cities Initiative


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We are delighted to share that our inaugural conference on Smart Cities was hugely successful in term of the number of attendees and the fruitfulness of the discussions. The congress attracted delegates from the attendees of the Australian Software Engineering Conference, Industry, government, and academia. This congress was aimed at bringing the key stakeholders involved in different initiatives on Smart Cities for discussing the opportunities and challenges of conceiving, implementing, and evolving smart cities related projects and services. The conference program was below:

  • Welcome and Introduction by M. Ali Babar
  • Global Perspective on Cities by George Mavros
  • Smart Cities & IoEs by Mike Duhne
  • Panel 1: Value proposition and socio-technical challenges & Solutions
  • Panel 2: Industry and Universities Engagements for Building and Sustaining Smart Cities
  • Brainstorming on Smart Cities Services and Products
  • Future Agenda & Networking

Panelists: Professor Mary Griffith, Eva Balan-Vnuk (Microsoft), Haleem Jan Babar (Oracle, Praveen Nichani (Wipro), Peter Williams (DSD), Don Peruguni (Ernst & Young).

Key questions for the panelists:

  • What is the value proposition of Smart Cities for Adelaide/Australia?
  • What can be the key socio-technical challenges in conceiving, materialising and sustaining Smart Cities?
  • What can be the potential solutions to the identified challenges?
  • What can be learned from other successful cases for building and sustaining Smart Cities projects?
  • What is the value proposition for industry and universities engagements in the context of Smart Cities?
  • What are the common practices and models for industry universities engagements for successfully initiating and completing smart cities projects?
  • What types of knowledge, competencies, and technologies can be developed through industry and universities engagements for supporting Smart cities initiatives and projects within and outside Australia?
  • What are the key challenges and potential solutions for building and sustaining industry, communities, and universities engagements for supporting smart cities initiatives?