A Knowledge Base for Microgrid Security Risk Analysis

Through a team of students from the Masters of Software Engineering ME (Software), we started the design and implementation of the first phase of our solution aimed at providing a knowledge-based support for Microgrid security risk analysis. The project was motivated by an increasing realisation that a large number of energy systems are made of multiple sources of energy generation and distribution. Now more and more energy distribution companies are focused on solutions with two-ways of energy movement – energy supply from the energy distribution companies from their conventional or smart grids or energy supply from small, independent energy generators through Microgrids. Whilst a Microgrid provides promising solutions for modernising energy solutions aimed at addressing contemporary challenges, there are several types of challenges involved in designing, building, and operating Microgrids integrated into an energy ecosystem.

One of the key challenges is security as Microgrids are complex Internet connected systems, which can be as much vulnerable to cyber security attacks as any other open, interconnected systems. Hence, it is critically important to performance appropriate security risk analysis of Microgrid systems during their design, development, and operations. However, one of the key challenges of security risk analysis is lack of integrated knowledge to support the job of Microgrid designers and operators. We have started the first phase of the project that would provide an integrated support systems for security risk analysis. The envisioned solution will provide a Wiki supported knowledge-based system for Microgrid security risk analysis. The system will help to determine and mitigate cyber security risks to Microgrids. The first phase of the project has been completed by a team of students and the outcome are quite encouraging the developed system will enable a Microgram system’s stakeholders (e.g., designers, developers, managers, and operators) to have easy access to the required knowledge for performing security risk analysis.