The Key Objectives and Attractions of NordiCloud 2013




Given the increasing relevance and popularity of cloud computing and lack of region specific community platforms for sharing ideas and knowledge, we founded a community platform for Nordic and Baltic countries to support collaboration in order to gain understanding of and solutions to socio-technical challenges of different aspects of cloud computing. That community platform was named, Nordic Symposium on Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies (NordiCloud), and its aim was to bring together the key stakeholders for building an eco-system of cloud computing knowledge and expertise in Nordic and Baltic regions. I’m very excited to see that the second edition of this gathering will commence tomorrow (2 September, 2013) in Oslo hosted by SINTEF, Norway. We have put some highlights of this year’s edition of the NordiCloud objectives and program in this introductory article to the proceedings. A detailed program of the symposium can be found on its website. Apart from several thought provoking and visionary talks, two of the key attractions will be the keynote talks: Cloud Brokerage: A Key Enabler for Widespread Cloud Usage by Geir and Clouds: Hype, Problems, and Opportunities by Keith Jeffery.

Following the key goal of setting up this community platform, the program of NordiCloud 2013 has been designed to specifically promote collaboration between industrial and academic communities from Nordic and Baltic countries in the area of cloud computing and Internet technologies. This meeting also aims at providing ample opportunities for getting to know about the key objectives, partners, and outcomes of a selected set EU funded projects in the areas of cloud computing and internet technologies. Moreover, the planned activities will facilitate discussions around new project proposals and forming consortia for new EU funding framework Horizon 2020. The participating researchers and practitioners are expected to be able to identify and develop collaborative ties or strengthen existing ones in order to form synergistic relations for joint work and project proposals for developing innovative solutions in the areas of cloud computing and internet technologies for sustainable societies in Europe and beyond.  Hence, the gathering at the symposium is expected to enable the participants to exchange ideas and experiences as well as discuss the emerging research trends which can provide the foundations for developing innovative and strong research project proposals. Wishing a very successful event.