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Variability management

A Practice Oriented Guide on Agile Architecting!

Whilst it has widely been recognised that agile and architecture-centric approaches need to be integrating for developing large scale software intensive systems, there has not been much work on providing a good source of guidance based on multiple perspectives for successfully integrate architecture-centric approaches in agile methods. A few years ago, a few colleagues and I started working on an edited book, which has just been completed/published after all the ups-and-downs that usually characterise these kinds of undertakings. I’m very glad to share that the book, Agile Software Architecture: Aligning Agile Processes and Software Architecture, is available for purchase. For interested readers, here is the Table of Content.

The key goal of this book is to provide practitioners and researchers interested in combining agile and architectural approaches with a comprehensive and reliable body of knowledge about the challenges involved in integrating architecture-centric approaches with agile approaches and the solutions to address those challenges. This book is expected to provide a read with detailed guidance on whether or not and how agile and architectural cultures can be made to co-exist depending upon the contextual factors.  This book also provides useful leads for future research in both architecture and agile in order to bridge such gaps by developing appropriate approaches, strategies, and tools for supporting effective and efficient integration of agile and architecture-centric approaches.

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Architecting Product Lines for Cloud Infrastructure!

It was a privilege to convince Dr. Dirk Muthig to visit ITU, Copenhagen and share his recent work at the Lufthansa Systems’ business unit “Airline Solutions. Dirk has been a thought leader and practical implementer in the area of software product lines for many years. It was the second time, he agreed to visit us and give a guest lecture in the software architecture course. He had given a lecture on software architecture in practice back in 2010 which was the first time I was teaching software architecture at ITU Copenhagen after my move to Denmark. The attendees of the lecture really appreciated the amount of knowledge and insights he offered. This time around he chose to speak about his recent work on architecting product lines for hybrid cloud infrastructure. It was very informative and thought provoking lecture whose title and abstract are below. Dirk has kindly shared the lecture slides  for this blog. Read More »Architecting Product Lines for Cloud Infrastructure!

Evaluation of Variability Management Approaches

Variability Management (VM) was not a topic of my research interest until I assumed the leadership of two projects in the area of software product lines when I moved to Ireland a few years ago. During my initial observation of the area, I noticed that VM is one of the most researched areas in software product lines. Of course, one reason is that VM is one of the most important activities of software product-line engineering (SPLE). I noticed that software product line community had allocated huge amount of effort to develop various approaches to dealing with variability related challenges during the last two decade. Several dozens of VM approaches have been reported. However, most of the reported approaches appeared to have not been evaluated to support the claims made about those approaches. Hence, we decided to review the status of evaluation of reported VM approaches and to synthesize the available evidence about the effects of the reported approaches. Read More »Evaluation of Variability Management Approaches