NEC Announces Collaboration with University of Adelaide on Smart Cities

We are very glad that NEC Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with us on smart city related projects. This is a really exciting update as the MoU will enable researchers from our centre, Australian Centre for Smart Cities, to work closely with NEC team in Adelaide and elsewhere on challenging research and development projects for innovation in the area of Smart Cities. Australian Centre for Smart Cities has been forming close ties with several industrial, governmental, councils, and businesses for exploring the possibilities of joint efforts for developing knowledge, capacity, and services that can help accelerate the smart cities initiatives at the state and national levels. I’m copying one particular quote of the NEC Executive Director here as its indicates their confidence in our Centre’s ability to carry out excellent research and development in smart cities domain.

“We look forward to working closely with the University of Adelaide to find innovative answers to the challenges that demand a Smart Cities approach to urban living. The combination of the University of Adelaide’s research excellence and NEC’s global and local expertise in technologies that are essential for Smart Cities will open up new opportunities in the field,” said Mike Barber, Executive Director at NEC Australia.”

Our centre’s research and development agenda is aligned with several initiatives on smart cities across the nation. We are focused on identifying and helping develop solutions to socio-technical challenges for improving liveability and economy for citizens and communities.

The details of our other collaborations with different industrial partners on smart cities will be released soon. We are very keen to discuss new partnerships for collaborative projects on smart cities. Please feel free to drop me an email on (